Weekly Update 8

I am so bad at this.


Wow am I bad at this. Forming (and breaking) habits is not my specialty so please bear with me. Anyways here is what I’ve been up to these past few weeks.

Unmotivated Reader

Haven’t picked up a book in a while (no surprise). Does reading fan fiction count? I re-read a few of my favourites, but does re-reading really count? Anyways yeah I haven’t picked up a book in a few weeks, which is disappointing, but I’ll try to be better.

This Week in Television

*Spoilers for The Defenders and Game of Thrones ahead

First of all, I’m still emotionally fragile from that Defenders ending. I knew that they weren’t going to kill off Daredevil like that, but I stilled sobbed inconsolably until he showed up again. Also can we all stop for a minute to talk about Danny Rand? I never watched Iron Fist because of the not-so-stellar reviews, but never could I have anticipated THAT. I broke out into hysterical laughter every time he said ‘I am the immortal Iron Fist’ or when he tried to explain asian concepts. I just wanted him to stop. What a disappointment that they didn’t cast an asian man in the role. I think it would’ve been much more interesting and a lot less grating. Aside from that, it was still so cool to see all these heroes interact with each other. I loved seeing the interaction between all the non-superpowered friends as well. Really just a treat overall. I’m looking forward to see if they make more appearances in each others’ respective shows in the future. (Also shoutout to The Dig, whose music makes TWO appearances on the show. So Proud!)

So tonight is the Game of Thrones season 7 finale. I’m just going to be a ball of nerves the whole time. This season went by so quick and I don’t want it to end. The episode from last week has me so anxious and conflicted it’s kind of ridiculous. I’m so sad to see Arya and Sansa in conflict. I really like both of them, but Arya’s reaction to the note is so disappointing. Like how could she not understand that Sansa was young and scared? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Also the whole dragon becoming a white walker was SPOILED for me by some asshole tweeting about looking at the eclipse without glasses on. (Ok I know I was late to watching the episode, but that’s because I was busy ok?) I think it made me more anxious going into it knowing that was going to happen. I’m still very conflicted on Danaerys’ and Jon’s impending relationship. I can see the romance happening, but I also know about R+L=J and I cannot condone incest. I know they don’t know it, but I’m still so uneasy about it. This is Game of Thrones so it’s definitely going to happen and I like the idea of them together, but I will never be 100% on board.

Last night, I went to see a movie out on the lawn of a historic mansion in Bozeman. The movie was called A River Runs Through It. It has Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a young child and a twenty-something Brad Pitt, which is always a nice sight. The movie is about fly-fishing in Montana in the early 1900s so it’s about as interesting as it sounds. It was still a cool experience to be enjoying a movie out in open air instead of watching the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight that’s for sure.

Songs of the Week

Buckle Bunny – Jesse Woods

Communion – The Dig

Birds – Indians

Have a great week! Good luck to all my GoT fans.

Weekly Update 3

Jade finally finished a book!

Things have been looking up this week! I went camping for the 4th of July and made some of the absolute best s’mores on the planet! Turns out my aunt’s husband is a regional administrator for the EPA so we had some really interesting talks about the current state of the government, but I won’t get into that because it would just become a rant and that’s not the format of this post. Anyways, I hope you all had an excellent week! Here’s what I read/watched/listened to:


To be honest, I didn’t expect to watch this, but I saw a few clips and I was hooked. I’ve been following Alison Brie since her time on Community so I guess I would have watched it eventually. I’m glad I watched it right away! What an amazing show! I never thought I would be into wrestling, but I was all there for it. It’s funny and heartwarming and just downright entertaining. I love the 80s aesthetic and this was the pinnacle of everything amazing about the music and fashion (those bodysuits though) of the decade! I also really appreciated every single character and the close bond the women shared. My favourite character was Sheila. It’s so refreshing to see such a diverse cast of women develop close friendships with each other, especially one involving wrestling.There’s no real emphasis on romance, instead on the real relationships formed between all the characters. A real highlight for me was Bash’s friendship with Carmen. It was so incredibly sweet and heartwarming! I would highly recommend this show to anyone.

Spider-Man Homecoming

What a movie! After watching Tom Holland in Civil War, I just knew that this movie would be entertaining. He is such a great Peter Parker/Spider-Man! Also how nice it is not having to see uncle Ben  die for a third time. Origin stories get boring once you’ve seen them multiple times. Also thank god for no Green Goblin. He’s just annoying at this point. While the movie doesn’t pass the bechdel test (which I mean come on it’s 2017, women are real people who have friends and talk about important things that aren’t men) Zendaya had the most memorable scene-stealing role of the movie. Give her more lines guys! Anyways, it’s a highly entertaining superhero film that is also a good teen drama if I’ve ever seen one (I’ve seen plenty btw). It’s definitely worth a watch!

Our Dark Duet (finally)

I did it! I finished it! I came, I saw, I cried (a lot). V.E. Schwab has knack for giving me endings that I might not always want, but endings that I definitely need. I just wish she would write more stories about the rise, fall, and aftermath of Verity and the rest of the alternate United States she sets up in this duology. God do I love duologies. It almost feels weird stopping at two when most YA series can go on from trilogies to 12+ books (I’m looking at you House of Night series). It just becomes too much sometimes. Anyways, this series was very original and I’m sad to see it end. I’ve been thinking of starting Good Omens by Neil Gaiman now. I read the first few pages in the library and it’s already hilarious. We’ll see.

Songs of the Week

Trust – Half Moon Run

My Tears Are Becoming a Sea – M83

I Saw You Close Your Eyes – Local Natives

I’ll be posting my insights to S’mores soon so look for that! Have a great week!