Weekly Update 4

Hello world! Here’s is my weekly roundup of what I’ve been watching/reading/listening to.

The wait for Game of Thrones is over…

Or it would be if I didn’t have the slowest. wifi. ever. I just want to watch it before all the spoilers get to me. Is that too much to ask? I have been spoiled for too much on the show already and it angers me.  Oh and if you’re one of those people who posts spoilers to ANY social media right after it happens without tagging it as a spoiler, then you are a terrible person and I hope you incur the wrath of all your pissed off friends/family. There is no need to spoil the fun of everyone who can’t afford HBO or live abroad. It’s just uncool.

Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Yes, I read a romance. Yes, I enjoyed it a lot. This was kind of my first foray into the adult historical romance genre (if you don’t count Jane Austen that is. I’ve read A LOT of Jane Austen.). I made sure to pick a book that didn’t involve too much abuse-masquerading-as-love crap that is popular in the genre (i.e. Fifty Shades of Grey). Also I am so tired of the whole brooding guy who pushes and pulls women in all directions because they want the woman, but they’re “too broken” to love. That is such bullshit and I’ve hated it since the days I read Twilight. Thankfully, this book isn’t like that at all. Cam is self-assured and comfortable (for the most part) with himself and his desires. So is Amelia. There is nothing that makes you not want to root for them to get together. It really is a fun genre. Is it my favourite genre? No, I’m much more of a sci-fi/fantasy gal who prefers plot with a side of romance or even no romance at all. Am I going to read more? Probably. The books are fun, entertaining, and the men are the stuff of dreams. If you’re someone who thinks that their taste is above romance, you should just get over your pretensions. Seriously, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Songs of the Week

Honey – Swim Deep 

Cold Blood – Jesse Woods

Seabird – Alessi Brothers (reminds me of The Suburbs a little bit)

Have a great week!