S’mores to Die for

Step up your s’mores game


You might not know this about me, but I love camping! I love going out in the wilderness and bond with family/friends under the wide open sky. While there are many merits to camping, the best part about the whole experience is eating s’mores! Over my lifetime, my thoughts on s’mores have pretty much expanded into a discourse on how to make them and what ingredients to use. Here are the many variations of s’mores that will make you want to pack up car and head for the nearest campground (wow I sound like Buzzfeed).

I only have a clever name for one type of s’more, and that is the s’moreo. This variation was discovered during a woefully under-resourced birthday bonfire. With only marshmallows and oreos, we were forced to combine the two and it was quite magical. If you’re on a budget or want a simpler s’more recipe, this is the one for you.

Another type of s’more is the reese’s s’more, where hershey’s chocolate is replaced with a delicious peanut butter cup. This was introduced to me by my cousins and it literally changed my life. Never before had I really thought about switching out the iconic hershey’s for anything else. Now that the door was open, there were endless opportunities ahead of me.

An excellent reese’s s’more

This leads me to this time last week when I tried a new and heady combination that knocked the reese’s s’more from the top of my list. This new s’more replaces the hershey’s with a york peppermint patty. I mean, my god, it was a revelation. I’ve never had anything like it before.

Another good hershey’s substitute are those chocolate squares filled with caramel (literally chocolate squares filled with just about anything would be good on a s’more). If you’re camping any time soon, I highly recommend venturing beyond the hershey’s chocolate and try experimenting with your favourite chocolates.

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